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for this educational event and attend so you can better understand this opportunity. put the power in your hands and start taking control of your own life financially. >> shawn and i attended than's event a year ago, and we were pretty much novices when it came to real estate. the way that our business has been growing, i'll be able to quit my regular full-time job within the next 12 months. >> at the event, we will also teach you the second way i flip properties. and that's by fixing the property up and then selling it, like we do on our tv show. for example, this is one of the 31 properties i'm working on right now. on this property alone, i'm gonna make several times over what the average american makes in a year. just imagine how doing just one deal like this would impact your entire life. in fact, here are the profits i made in the last two months alone, just on properties i've rehabbed. i love this aspect of real estate because you can make even bigger profits, while, at the same time, you're improving neighborhoods. however, it's not as easy as it looks on tv. that's why you have to learn
education and take the proper steps to take care of your family. and the best way to do this is through real-estate investing. statistics show that real-estate investing is the most likely way to achieve financial independence, and more average, everyday people have become millionaires through real-estate investing than anything else. in fact, the irs reported that, over the past 50 years, of all the americans who declared more than a million dollars on their income-tax returns, 71% of them were in real estate. you see, in high school and college, they teach us how to get a job, but at my live events, i take pride in teaching you how not to be dependent on a
, not the one the dealer wants you to take. so the two keys to credit success are number one: education, and we give you this for free at living with bad and number two: applying for credit in the right places. that's right every car and truck on our lot. 99 dn or 99 a month. every van and suv. 99 down or 99 a month. 99 dollars down or 99 dollars per month is all you pay, regardless of your past credit history. the auto finance network proudly presents this unprecedented offer where for 99 dollars down or 99 dollars per month everybody rides. this is a one of a kind event - the likes of which this area hanever seen before and may never see again! the auto finance network guarantees you three things 99 dollar down payments or 99 dollar monthly payments and guaranteed credit. that's right because during "drive for 99" - "everybody rides" regardless of how severe your past credit circumstances may have been. everyone qualifies, regardless of past credit history...bankruptcy, divorce, medical bills, multiple repossessions, no credit immigrants, bad credit, slow credit, no credit...even i
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)